Wrap Maintenance Tips

How often should you clean your Vehicle Wrap?

As with any vehicle, it’s best to wash your wrapped car whenever it appears dirty, as any contaminants which are allowed to remain on the graphic will probably be more difficult to remove the longer it sits.

When it comes to especially difficult items such as dead bugs, bird droppings, road tar, or tree sap try soaking it for several minutes with very hot, soapy water. The application of some denatured alcohol could help as well! If these fail you may need special cleaning solution applied prior to a full car wash with Upscale Detailz.

*Do not use rough scrubbing action or abrasive tools, as this will damage the film. When finished removing any contaminants, be sure to immediately wash and rinse off any product.

Wrapped vehicles can be run through a car was, with a touchless system being the best choice. Use of brush car washes may cause damage to your vehicle graphic, including dulling, scratching, and lifting the edges of the film.

How to wash your Wrapped Vehicle

One of of the most important keys to preserving your vinyl wrap is proper washing! This does not include going through an automatic wash, your local gas-station, or even your standard hand wash. IF you decide to hand wash your vehicle it is important to research which products are being used and how. A good hand car wash will use a quality pH neutral product and avoid brushes or used towels.

We recommend washing at home with quality products in order to ensure your wash is done to the best quality. Properly preserving your freshly wrapped vehicle will require some basic maintenance to provide the most quality & life out of the vinyl.

Matte & Satin Vinyl Upkeep

Satin and Matte have a different type of upkeep. You will want to avoid automatic car washes or low-quality hand washes. The brushes and solutions used can/will scratch and damage the finish of the vinyl. To best preserve your vehicle’s finish you will want to do your best to keep it as clean as possible. Remove fuel spills, dead bugs, bird droppings, and any other contaminants as fast as possible.

We Recommend High-Quality Products From Chemical Guys

Meticulous Matte Auto Wash For Crisp Satin And Matte Finishes

Soap for Matte or Satin Finish

Meticulous Matte is the first matte-safe car wash soap that won’t add unwanted gloss or shine while using advanced foaming technology to help prevent scratching the sensitive matte surfaces.

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Citrus Wash And Gloss Concentrated Ultra Premium Hyper Wash And Gloss

Citrus wash for glossy vinyl wraps

Citrus Wash and Gloss is a powerful citrus based hyper-concentrated shampoo and gloss enhancer formulated to bring out a vibrant shine on all paint colors, making any car look just waxed and detailed! 

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Wrap Detailer Unique Unique Quick Detailer & Protectant For Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl Wrap Detailer chemical

Wrap Detailer is designed to clean, shine, and protect glossy vinyl wraps, clear bras, and printed graphics to keep your wrapped surfaces looking their best and lasting their longest. 

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Meticulous Matte Detailer Spray & Sealant For Crisp Satin & Matte Finishes

Matte Detailing spray

Meticulous Matte is the specialty quick detailer and spray sealant that cleans and protects the crisp, dry sheen of matte and satin paint and wraps without adding unwanted gloss or shine. 

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Shaggy Fur-Balls Towels 3 Pack

Detailing Rags / Towels for vinyl wraps

Shaggy Fur-Ball Towels are plush and shaggy silk-banded towels made of a premium 70/30 blend of microfiber designed for soft drying and final-step wiping on sensitive surfaces.

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